10% For The Nonprofits

We live in a world today where our outdoor spaces, both protected and urban, are in an increasingly fragile state. With cutbacks in federal aid, combined with a lack of general awareness from people themselves, there are limited options out there to help preserve those areas that mean the most to us. I have always used the outdoors as my escape, and growing up in Los Angeles posed some interesting obstacles to find nature in my "backyard". Fortunately through my work in the outdoor industry, and my willingness to open my eyes and explore more of what we have around us, I have found some of the most beautiful scenes and amazing wildlife encounters, all within 45 minutes of my front door. My "bigger" escape always has, and always will be Yosemite. As much as I do love exploring new places and make time to do so, I will always manage to squeeze in at least one visit a year to the National Park with the most meaning to me. Preserving this place, and all of our National Parks is of the utmost importance to me, and I will continue to use all of my resources to continue to share the love and spread the word.

I have chosen to donate 10% of my profits, each month, to two nonprofits that share in these values and have proven that they will use all of their abilities to protect our outdoor spaces, educate, and create awareness on a scale that is larger than what I, myself can do. 

Feel free to explore what both of these companies are about and click on the images below for a direct link to their respective websites.

Yosemite Conservancy inspires people to support projects and programs that preserve Yosemite National Park and enrich the visitor experience. Thanks to generous donors, the Conservancy has provided $119 million in grants to the park to restore trails and habitat, protect wildlife, provide educational programs, and more. The Conservancy’s guided adventures, volunteer opportunities, wilderness services and bookstores help visitors of all ages to connect with Yosemite.

Projects funded by donors to the Conservancy include trail and habitat restoration, wildlife management and education programs, among others. In 2018 funding will go towards a major project torestore Bridalveil Fall involving improvements to trails, viewpoints and traffic circulation, and habitat protection at the 620-foot waterfall in Yosemite Valley. Another grant will help scientists use data from airborne laser scanning to produce a 3-D map of Yosemite to learn about and help manage forest health, drought impacts and rockfall hazards. Support also will help complete the trail loop around Tenaya Lake, Yosemite’s high country “jewel.”

“Conservancy contributions catalyze important work in the park, such as projects to repair popular trails and restore meadows; make roads safer for bears; and preserve vast historical collections,” saidYosemite National Park Superintendent Mike Reynolds. “That work occurs because of the generosity of Conservancy donors and the dedicated employees of Yosemite National Park.”

With grant funding, park aquatic biologists will be releasing native red-legged frogs, and wheelchair athletes will use adaptive equipment to scale rock walls, thanks to the No Limits program. On the slopes of Yosemite’s highest peaks, glacier researchers will study the park’s retreating ice fields. In Lyell Canyon, crews will be rehabilitating a critical wetland and rebuilding portions of the John Muir Trail.

Other grants fund the “Ask a Climber” station, where thousands of visitors each year learn about the vertical wilderness and the adventurers who explore and steward it. Youth in Yosemite Programs will help young people learn about and give back to the park while earning their Junior Ranger badges, embarking on their first backpacking trip or exploring careers with public lands experts.

Mission and History

The Santa Monica Mountains Fund works to protect and encourage appreciation and understanding of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. The Fund achieves this by supporting National Park Service efforts in education, science, research, improved facilities, citizen engagement, stewardship and philanthropy.

Our Strategy

The Fund invests its monies in projects to achieve the mission of the organization. Principal recipients are the park agencies that operate within the mountains. In addition, the Fund sponsors research projects, internships and provides stipends to augment the staffing resources available to successfully complete these projects. The Santa Monica Mountains Fund endowment works to ensure a continuing source of future park funding. As federal and state budgets remain uncertain, the Fund seeks to build toward a stable future that allows park managers to focus on the protection of resources and the enjoyment of visitors, rather than negotiating budget shortfalls.


The Santa Monica Mountains Fund was established in 1988 to support the education and resource protection efforts of the National Park Service and California State Parks in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. Originally incorporated as the Santa Monica Mountains Parklands Association, the organization was formed by concerned citizens to represent the interests of the public in the development of parklands and recreation opportunities within the mountains.